Friday, January 18, 2013


Photo by S. Auberle


I saw her today,
blue on blue on blue
ice, sky, bird.

She was stepping slowly
onto the frozen pond,
and how, you may ask,

do I know the bird was female? 
It was just a look,
a topknot of feathers

ruffled in the cold,
the way she stood so still
as I passed near.

There seemed a connection
(a poet’s fancy, no doubt)
of eggs and nests and nurture

a connection in the season
when bird and woman
must leave safe ground,

step out onto that place
where our old faces
shine back at us,

new and full of light,
though we feel unsure
but strong, because

it’s what we have to do,
sometimes, to survive.
The sky is a mirror

beneath our long legs
but oh, beautiful sister,
where will you sleep tonight?

~  mimi

an old favorite from Crow Ink...


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