Saturday, December 22, 2012


digitalized image of a sculpture by G. Panko

Day after Solstice, day after some thought the world might end.  It didn't, thank goodness, our lovely pearl blue mother still carries us gently through the dark Universe . The busy UPS truck skids past the house, a squirrel with a particularly determined look crosses the road after, and heads for the bird feeder.  Persistently, he (or she) keeps at the slippery feeder, and after five plunges to the ground, has it figured out.  In such weather I can't deny the squirrel, if only he weren't so greedy.  The cardinal family waits, respectfully, and then along comes red-capped, red belly woodpecker to take over.  The day would be so dark without all this red…but today the light begins its return!   The long tall white Santa I found at the thrift store gazes serenely out into the gray morning.  Stars spill from his bag.  I love this Santa who brings only light.  Of course there is a time and place and need for presents, but it seems to have gone awry these days.  Too much begins too soon in the year, with the slow inward turning and celebrations of harvest and thanks lost in consumerism's greed.  I am equally guilty, and this old Santa may help me to focus on what is true and right this time of year.  Down through time, all cultures have focused on light--the inevitable loss of it, and beseeched its return.  Shamans have danced, enormous ancient monuments constructed, which remain yet today as a reminder.  This year crowds gathered, respectful and silent, at Stonehenge as the sun rose through the giant sarsens and bluestones.  I look at the Hopi silver bracelet I treasure with its images of Kokopelli flinging stars into the night.  In some old petroglyphs and legends he is known as the "lightbringer."  I wear this bracelet with the hope that, in my time, I may bring my small share of light not only to those I love, but to all I touch at this dark time of year and always.  Let there be light, my friends, let us be light.


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