Monday, December 03, 2012


Photo by S. Auberle

Now begin the long nights
a time to hunker down
bear in his den    sleeping
squirrel scurrying to bury seeds
red flags for snowplow planted.
I think of ancient shamans
dancing light to return
the Eskimo and his thirty words
for snow       Dr. Zhivago's
fingerless gloves      the love poems
he wrote by candlelight
for Lara--asleep in furs
wolves of darkness moving in
still he scribbled words
and his heart onto the page.
Time to go and draw
a steaming bath      sink down
in bubbles      dream poems
I'll  write by the window
ice creeping slowly up the pane.
~  mimi
unfortunately, no snow as yet this rainy, warm winter, but I  remain hopeful...


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