Friday, November 30, 2012


Painting by S. Auberle

Would we love you as much
if you didn't leave every month?
You're not a fickle lover,
we can count on your return
yet o that loss, that shrinking
of your voluptuous body  

every twenty eight days--
something old and lonely
inside us wonders
will you really return?
Might your mountains
call you one last time? 
to settle down there--
no more Earth voyages?
Who could blame you? 
Sometimes the journey gets long
and settlement in one place
can whisper enticingly, 
yet, looking down each month
you see our little lights below
begging your return, to illuminate 
one more time our lives,
our losses, our loves
one more prayer to be our lamp… 
please, Madame Moon
push back for us again
that long and lonesome night.
~  mimi


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