Sunday, January 13, 2013


I don't understand why, but Blogger will no longer allow me to post images, or they've changed the process to be impossible to figure out how.  At any rate, if I can't post images on my blog, I'll be moving to another site and starting over, because I must be able  to include visuals or it's simply not the same.  After almost seven years on this site, maybe it's here's a new poem...

The door groans open
and in they totter--
he on bent, wobbly legs,
she cautious, in a red blouse,
her hair like April snow
flying in every direction at once.
He announces we're here
for Rose's blood pressure
and the receptionist smiles,
everyone smiles, even me
who's grumpily waiting
for yet another remedy
on how to patch up aging bones.
They fall into chairs
across the room
and laughing, Rose says
oh you've worn your yellow socks
and he displays them proudly.
Well that'll stop the clock, she says
while on the wall above us
time ticks relentlessly away.

okay, so my photo finally got published, though not where I wanted it to be, and frankly if this doesn't get easier to post, it's adios amigoes!


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