Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Photo by S. Auberle

"Do we even know
who and where we are?
We are human seekers
peekin' through the glass..."
- Warren Nelson
It's a bear kind of morning,
waves of yellow and purple flowers
whispering in foggy bogs,
loons calling
it's a bear kind of morning,
all that thick, misty, green
light, bear light,
there--starting to cross the road,
last year's cub
I brake,
he stares for a moment,
then circles back into the trees.
Do we even know
who and where we are?
That bear might know
more than me,
might not even be a bear
on this bear kind of morning,
might be Spirit in fur coat,
Tecumseh, Crazy Horse
Mother Theresa, the BuddhaBear
Henry the VIII, Jesus the Christ
my mother,
because anything's possible
you know, don't you?
On a bear kind of morning...
- mimi

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Photo by S. Auberle

"Houses live and die: there is a time for building
and a time for living and for generation
and a time for the wind to break the loosened pane
and to shake the wainscot where the fieldmouse trots
and to shake the tattered arras woven with a silent motto."
- T. S. Eliot
from "East Coker"

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Osho Zen Tarot Card

Sometimes it's hard to believe
I don't belong to the circus.
- Sam P.
Knew a man once
who signed his notes
with these words
and when I said
Sam, you are your own circus
he allowed that it was
the most insightful thing
anyone had said to him in years.
We all have these annoying committees
in our heads,
why not a circus instead?
For decision-making
we'd have a lion CEO,
fierce tigers to guard us,
some bears and dogs
to jump through hoops
so we wouldn't have to, and
on days of needed distraction
men in shiny tights...oh yeah.
We'd have glittery, long-legged ladies
to dance the dark away, a clown
for sad-faced days and horses for nobility.
There'd be elephants to lift us high above all
and lastly, an elegant ringmaster
to oversee our flag-waving Big Top
where the crowd's approving roar
would never end, no matter
if and how badly we screwed up
and all of it under a blazing summer sky
where we'd be ten years old again...
- mimi

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Photo by S. Auberle

morning rain
dark dawn
July has vanished
in her best
flowered dress
leaving us
if she'll ever return
- mimi

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Hot Springs Terrace - Yellowstone
photo by S. Auberle

Won't you tell me
where to find
the unknown gods
I've passed by
all these years?
It's time...
they're calling.
- mimi

Friday, July 04, 2008


Photo by S. Auberle
Back from the West, once again in my northern country. Eyes adjusting again to a more intimate landscape.
Sitting here writing at dawn on the Fourth of July, under a red sky--red in the morning, sailors take warning--my grandma always said--she who couldn't have been less of a sailor--subscribed to that theory and I find, more often than not, it holds true.
Watching a pair of cardinals on the feeder and one pudgy seagull strolling across my yard. Piano music, tea and scones. I love awakening to the first birdsong at 4:00 a.m. now, as the earth turns once again toward darkness. Around summer solstice birds began singing about 3:30 a.m.
The first line of a poem to be written comes to me: won't you tell me and I wonder what it is I want to be told.
Sadness--thinking of the recent funeral and this brevity of life...
Happiness--for my Western journey and the one who shared it with me and for this place, this time, these people--the person who left a bag of sweet peaches on my front porch to find when I returned...
Jim Harrison says "whoever we are isn't for certain."
I believe that.
- mimi

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Still out here in the magnificent West, but back to my beloved north woods soon.

There is no other word for Yellowstone Park but awesome, however, hiking a ledge above the Yellowstone river next to a 1,000 foot drop to the water below gives me pause. We are heading toward Point Sublime, another half mile up the rim, but I'm thinking this may be as sublime as it gets for me. My fear of heights is kicking in, added to that the possibility of grizzlies and while trying to remember whether you make yourself tall or small when encountering one of these giants, my quest for sublime is fading.

And what is sublime, anyway? One of those words you know, but hear rarely, and are not really sure of the meaning. Seems to me it means the best, in a relaxed, mellow sort of way. I'm thinking of other ways to experience sublime, such as enjoying a glass of chianti and watching the light fade on the Tetons...

- mimi