Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Still out here in the magnificent West, but back to my beloved north woods soon.

There is no other word for Yellowstone Park but awesome, however, hiking a ledge above the Yellowstone river next to a 1,000 foot drop to the water below gives me pause. We are heading toward Point Sublime, another half mile up the rim, but I'm thinking this may be as sublime as it gets for me. My fear of heights is kicking in, added to that the possibility of grizzlies and while trying to remember whether you make yourself tall or small when encountering one of these giants, my quest for sublime is fading.

And what is sublime, anyway? One of those words you know, but hear rarely, and are not really sure of the meaning. Seems to me it means the best, in a relaxed, mellow sort of way. I'm thinking of other ways to experience sublime, such as enjoying a glass of chianti and watching the light fade on the Tetons...

- mimi


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