Thursday, December 03, 2015


Mixed Media by S. Auberle


December 24, 1914 – the last known Christmas Truce 

Somewhere in Belgium
a German soldier, his face
not so different from yours,
lays down his gun   
steps out of the trenches
and begins singing…

            Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht,
            Alles in schlaft, einsam wacht

The man is very cold
and very, very brave.
In the stink of blood and mud
he knows what love is.
He listens for the hiss of bullets,
the rattle of artillery fire,
then realizes the night has grown silent.

            ‘round yon Virgin, Mother and child
            Holy Infant so tender and mild

Other soldiers join him
in that No Man’s Land between,
their raw voices cracking in the cold.
Soon British soldiers begin
laying down their weapons,
joining in the hymn.    They bring gifts
of cigarettes and drinks to share.

Perhaps the men touch,
reach out shaking hands
that no longer hold death,
instead, pour tin cups of whiskey,
send smoke up to the stars
like prayers to a god, in whom,
forever after, if  they survive,
they want to still believe. 

            Sleep in heavenly peace…

~  Sharon Auberle


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As if they recognized that they were actors trapped in some terrible play and Christmas the intermission before the horrendous second act. Kris

8:53 AM  
Blogger Mimi's Golightly Cafe said...

yes, Kris, and as Shakespeare said, "all the world's a stage"
but what a sad sad play we are in now..

6:15 AM  

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