Saturday, July 19, 2008


Osho Zen Tarot Card

Sometimes it's hard to believe
I don't belong to the circus.
- Sam P.
Knew a man once
who signed his notes
with these words
and when I said
Sam, you are your own circus
he allowed that it was
the most insightful thing
anyone had said to him in years.
We all have these annoying committees
in our heads,
why not a circus instead?
For decision-making
we'd have a lion CEO,
fierce tigers to guard us,
some bears and dogs
to jump through hoops
so we wouldn't have to, and
on days of needed distraction
men in shiny tights...oh yeah.
We'd have glittery, long-legged ladies
to dance the dark away, a clown
for sad-faced days and horses for nobility.
There'd be elephants to lift us high above all
and lastly, an elegant ringmaster
to oversee our flag-waving Big Top
where the crowd's approving roar
would never end, no matter
if and how badly we screwed up
and all of it under a blazing summer sky
where we'd be ten years old again...
- mimi


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