Monday, September 02, 2013


Photo by S. Auberle

A cold wind is comingn down out of the north won't last, I know, but is surely a sign.  This is an older piece which was published in "Haibun Today" which seems just right...

The sky is filled with terns tonight, their red bills arrowing down into the water.  Fishing boats wend their way home to the harbor, while on the dock a small boy runs, heedless of dark and danger.   His father scoops him up at the edge.  Old men sit alone.  Two women wrap shawls about their white shoulders.  For a moment there is silence, all pausing to watch an impossibly pink moon rise up out of the lake.  Behind the village, sunset paints indigo slashes across the sky.   Lights are coming on, one by one, in the deserted streets.  Even the corner tavern is quiet, and the wind, thinking of turning northward, stills itself for awhile.   
                                   from somewhere
                       on the other side of the world
                                  autumn approaches



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