Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Photo by S. Auberle

Something Keeps Calling 

all morning, it whispers in my ear--
go to the river--as I wash clothes,
make the bed, clean the garage,           

            go, go now to the river… 

By noon the voice is insistent
so I start down the path
kicking up last autumn’s leaves 

and no one sees the child in me
except a black dog I meet
who smiles, as some dogs do so well  

and just because it's spring, I guess
and then I am here at this river of light
where I sit on moist grass 

and don’t even notice the wet seat
of my jeans as a small green frog
wanders by, and red-winged

blackbirds serenade me in the cattails.
Sun glints off the feathers
of grumbling cormorants 

passing over in their somber black
and a busy kinglet--regal
in his golden crown scolds--           

            now honey, tell me--
            whatever in the world
            was more important than this?           

                          ~  mimi

yes, the river and poem landscape don't match, but it is a river of light, and it is May Day, so let's not worrry about troubling details and celebrate Spring at last!


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