Friday, March 15, 2013


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So it seems as though nothing will change with the election of this new Pope.  And for a  brief moment, I had hoped...
I attended Catholic schools for 12 years, and to this day, because of Church teachings, I struggle to know that yes, I am just as good as a man..
This poem is an old one, about a conversation I should have had...

Sister, why can't I be an altar boy?
Because you're a girl, dear.
Sister, did you ever want to be a priest?
Oh no, my child, only men can be priests.
Women are not allowed on the altar, dear.
But Mary's mom goes up there and she even touches the altar.
The altar must be cleaned and dusted, my child,
and Mary's mother is  allowed the privilege of keeping it shining for God.
And is it a privilege to wash and iron the altar linens, Sister?
Oh yes, we women are the keepers of the House of our Lord.   We alone know how to care for it and we find joy in that.  Do you see, dear?
What is it draws you to the altar, my child?  Perhaps you might begin thinking of a vocation.
You mean I could be a priest?
Oh no, dear, I meant as a nun like myself, who proudly stands at the priest's side helping souls in their quest for heaven.
Then why, child, do you want to be an altar boy?
The bells, Sister, I would like to ring those shiny silver bells, make them sing like Danny does.
Tell me why, Sister, why are boys better at ringing bells than me?
I'm just as good as Danny.
Aren't  I?


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