Sunday, April 22, 2007


Perhaps there are some out there who truly like wind. Perhaps it has it's poetic moments. It's certainly good for sailors. But I, for one, am so done with this wind. Try taking a 44 lb. child on a picnic with 44 mph winds and gusts of up to 60--we had to, literally, hold on to prevent him from blowing away! And, with the clear candor of a four year old--when we got back in the car--dust in our eyes, hair, clothes, mouths , he announced: Mom, I've got rocks in my teeth...

One good thing about living here, however--Billy Collins (the former poet-laureate of the U.S.--for you non-poetry types) blew into town yesterday, and read to a packed house last night, stopping only for the occasional (appreciated) train whistles roaring through the nearby downtown crossing.

And tonight there'll be a waxing moon hanging over the pines and the windbells will be still. Till tomorrow, when rain/snow showers are expected. The wind is picking up again as I write. Maybe I'll make a haiku out of it:

wind fills the canyon

raven riding an updraft

that old wish for wings

- mimi


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