Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Las Vegas Poster

Up the mountain tonight
sun setting in spring colors
of yellow-flowered paloverde trees
and orange ocotillo.
Saguaro, city smog
fall behind in my mirror
as I drive north
past the Badass Barbecue Steakhouse
past tried and true pies
at the Rock Springs cafe,
where wind comes
roaring down the canyon.
Just Married cruises by,
groom slouched lazily at the wheel
bride with feet on dash and for a bit,
there is envy--sometimes
I'd like us to start over
...I think.
Cohen on the CD singing
Suzanne has touched
his perfect body with her mind
and didn't we all want that
the perfect body, the touching
those hot Just Married days
to last forever?
My ears begin to pop
as I climb and then down again
past the Runaway Truck ramp.
I wonder who uses it,
who makes that single set of tracks
down that unmarked road.
Just Married zips by me again
through the Verde Valley,
and we haul now, once more
up over the Rim,
no more runaways now
just that long, hard climb.
Twenty nine years you and me
still married. Tonight,
feed me tea and oranges, love.
Touch me.
- mimi


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