Thursday, March 22, 2007


"Tiffany's Window" photo by S. Auberle

Just back from a quick trip to that fantasyland place--Las Vegas--where your mind can be blown in a hundred different ways. First of all, that they dared to build this environmental disaster in the desert, but never mind, I've been on that soapbox too long. Things that stuck with me:
the weary looking woman driving the ancient Plymouth Volare with the bumper falling off and the three skull and crossbones bumper sticker beside the one that read:
"Some days all I want
is to be a missing person."
The amazing, beautiful hotel/casino called simply Wynn (after the man, who owns half of Las Vegas). I can never look at it without wondering if they would dare put up one beside it called Lose. Would anyone go there?
The conversations I had with two taxi drivers, the first an Israeli man. How good it was to connect with him and know that our conversation enhanced each other's day. The second a Vietnamese man, who kept giving me the thumbs up for America--heaven on earth--he kept saying, and how lucky he was to live here now, though when I asked him about his family he said he was single: my wife, she come over to America, make some money, then she don't like me no more--but America (thumbs up again) she is heaven! I'm so happy to be here."
Indeed, we forget sometimes, don't we? In spite of all her faults and craziness...we are blessed...


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