Friday, March 09, 2007


Photos by S. Auberle

Saw a film last night that will not leave me alone. It was a documentary entitled Running Dry, about the world-wide water crisis. It's a stunning film, meant to horrify. And it does. It is a horror film, but starkly true, and only a taste of what is to come if we don't somehow find the ways to come together and heal what we've done to the earth.
Perhaps it affected me so strongly because of my own particular situation. I am blessed to divide my time between two places I love--one in the arid, drought-stricken (10th year) Southwest, and the other on the shore of a great lake in the green Midwest. The contrast is enormous.
Running Dry leaves the viewer with a variety of emotions--guilt, despair, anger and, hopefully, an energized feeling to do something, no matter how small. It's the old story: if only each of us would do one thing to help, what a difference it would make--donating money or time; learning the numerous small things that, collectively, would make a huge difference; becoming more knowledgeable about the situation and our part in it; and cultivating a deeper reverence and compassion for this beautiful global village we share.


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