Thursday, April 05, 2007


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In 1925, back in Vienna, West Virginia, Harry and Margaret taught their son, Harry, who was eight years old, how to dye their special Easter eggs. The eggs were exquisite, ranging in color from a gleaming bronze to the palest orange and sienna colors.
In 1953, in Parkersburg, West Virginia, Harry & Cecilia taught their son and daughter, Bill and Shirley, how to make the beautiful eggs.
Over the years, Bill and Sharon colored the Easter eggs, teaching Matt, Greg, Laurie and David, in Vandalia and Barlow, Ohio; Denver, Baton Rouge and Chicago. Finally, on this Holy Thursday in 2007, Bill and I have decided to write out the directions for these unique eggs for all those children and grandchildren who, we hope, will carry on this beautiful tradition:
Cut out squares of white cloth, approximately 8" square. Wrap unboiled eggs in the papery brown skins of onions and then tie each wrapped egg into one of the cloth squares. Boil in enough water to cover, with one tablespoon of vinegar for each quart of water. Boil as you would cook regular hard-boiled eggs. Unwrap when done, let cool and rub with butter for a glossy look.
Who knows how far back this method of coloring eggs goes? Traditions are a beautiful thing--they connect us to all those who have gone before us and keep those memories alive.
A Happy and Blessed Easter to All...
- mimi


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