Sunday, May 16, 2010


Photo by R. Murre

Who is there that does not yearn for a day when the Mushroom Goddess smiles down upon them, revealing her well-concealed secrets for this moment, to this chosen few? Early evening, spring light still tender in the forest, wild leek-scented air fragrant and soft. Recent rains make us hopeful, and soon the first one shyly beckons. Okay, I think, just a few more now--enough for a fine appetizer, please? And there, and there, and then some more...and the forest is suddenly singing with ', here we are... oh, such delight! Finally, home to saute in butter and olive oil, with just a hint of lemon to sharpen the earthy aromas and taste. A Riesling to accompany...vase of fading tulips on the table...deep rose sky in the west...


OpenID darlenemb said...

It has been decades since I've had the tasty delight of a "mess of morels" on my plate. Very fond memories of mushroom hunting as a child. Those in the know about where to go 'hunting' do not share. My mother was an excellent fryer of mushrooms. Thanks for that nostalgic mental walk.

12:09 PM  

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