Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Self-Portrait by S. Auberle

The poem hasn't yet arrived to accompany this eerie self-portrait with one of my heroines, Georgia O'Keeffe. I'm hoping it will soon. It was sunset and there was this wonderful red light...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sharon: What a beauty--both you and the photo I just love how you see this and allow the rest of us to enjoy it with you. I will make a copy of this one also--for my meditative days. P.S. my bookshelves could use some of your organization. I'm too lazy to put them back and just stack on top. Shame on me.


9:06 AM  
Blogger Sharon Auberle said...

thanks Jackie, but you don't see the bottom shelves! (or the ones in other rooms...aargh)

5:03 PM  

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