Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Photo by S. Auberle

A repeat of last year's column, just because I think this Thanksgiving blessing is so right...
Thanks & Blessings be to the Sun and the Earth
for this bread and this wine,
this fruit, this meat, this salt,
this food.
Thanks be & Blessings to them
who prepare it, who serve it.
Thanks & Blessings to them
who share it
(& also the absent & the dead).
Thanks & Blessings to them who bring it
(may they not want),
to them who plant & tend it,
harvest & gather it
(may they not want).
Thanks & Blessings to them who work
& blessings to them who cannot;
may they not want--for their hunger
sours the wine & robs
the taste from the salt.
Thanks be for the sustenance & strength
for our dance & work of justice, of peace.
~ Rafael Jesus Gonzalez

Friday, November 20, 2009


Photo by R. Murre
Whenever I'm at the beach, I have to write. It just seems like a good place to get a message out there, to whoever might be looking--in this world or the next. Here are three quotes from, and for, writers (and sane people who are not writers) to think about...
"A sheltered life can be a daring life as well.
For all serious daring starts from within."
~ Eudora Welty
"People make the mistake of regarding commitment
as something solely political.
A writer is committed to trying to make sense of life.
It's a search.
So there is that commitment first of all:
the commitment to the honesty and determination
to go as deeply into things as possible,
and to dredge up what little bit of truth
you, with your talent, can then express."
~ Nadine Gordimer
"I was a late bloomer.
But anyone who blooms at all
is very lucky."
~ Sharon Olds

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Photo by S. Auberle
Do you see her?
Shawl wrapped,
withstanding storm and tide.
She waits, watching,
trusting the sea will bring
what she longs for.
She waits, aware,
of the day
that she, too,
will be only a speck
of sand or salt.
She waits, unshaken,
we all have
nothing less
than forever.
~ mimi

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Photo by S. Auberle

In case you noticed my absence this past ten days, I've been traveling. Got to see great mountains, rivers, ocean and rainforests. If a word can possibly describe all these, it would have to be that over-used word of awesome. More likely, there are no words. Gathering together sketches, words, photos to, perhaps, write a poem, paint a picture. But it may be too much to condense into my small creations. In the meantime, some words from Thomas Merton that seem to fit:
Do not look for rest in any pleasure,
because you were not created for pleasure,
you were created for joy.
And if you do not know the difference
between pleasure and joy,
you have not yet begun to live.
~Thomas Merton