Friday, November 20, 2009


Photo by R. Murre
Whenever I'm at the beach, I have to write. It just seems like a good place to get a message out there, to whoever might be looking--in this world or the next. Here are three quotes from, and for, writers (and sane people who are not writers) to think about...
"A sheltered life can be a daring life as well.
For all serious daring starts from within."
~ Eudora Welty
"People make the mistake of regarding commitment
as something solely political.
A writer is committed to trying to make sense of life.
It's a search.
So there is that commitment first of all:
the commitment to the honesty and determination
to go as deeply into things as possible,
and to dredge up what little bit of truth
you, with your talent, can then express."
~ Nadine Gordimer
"I was a late bloomer.
But anyone who blooms at all
is very lucky."
~ Sharon Olds


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