Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Photo by S. Auberle

After many years of questions and questings, I've concluded that there is, indeed, a heaven. It's right here on this planet of ours. Not any one particular spot, for every place has its own beauty. But now and then a new place comes into our life. Like this little village I found this past weekend, while traveling autumn roads. When you come into this place, a door closes behind you. Closes out all that frantic pace; wars; droughts; famines; disasters. You can breathe again. And you do. Serenity flows in your blood like the clear river winding through the village. Only in dreams have you visited a place like this. There are few people about...now and then a man and his dog; a woman strolling across a bridge. You want to lie down in the still-green grass, drink in the autumn colors until you are satiated with beauty. You want not to think. Just be. Until the door opens again and you must leave. But you had a taste of heaven. You had a glimpse, and that is what matters.
Monet's paintbox
lying on the shore


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am just happy to find your work, your voice. Thank you. Sara (a poet artist turned holistic physician to make ends meet)

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