Sunday, February 10, 2008


Digitally altered photo by S. Auberle
Dearest Adam,
I had such a wonderful dream last night!
There we were, among the plants
and I was helping you name artichokes
when I saw a new fig tree
shining just outside the garden
and Adam, I believe in dreams!
I think this is a sign--it's time
for us to move on, get a little place of our own.
Our apples are wormy
and the weather's turning cold.
Yes, my darling, we've been happy here,
but all good things must end.
My fig leaves have been packed for days
and, frankly, this snake is on my last nerve...
-your loving Eve
My darling Eve,
As soon as I finish naming this fruit
we'll hit the road. Did you pack for me?
We won't need a map, since I know the way
to San Jose--wait, that's a song--
that hasn't been written yet,
but never mind, my darling,
you are so wise--what with figuring out
that artichokes are edible and
how to eat them without injury
and let's not even talk about lobster,
well, you are my dream woman
the only woman for me...
- Always, Adam


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