Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Photo by S. Auberle
No, I'm not in Shangri-La, but am in one of my favorite spots that could pass for that fabled place--Santa Fe, New Mexico. Canyon Road, to be exact, the home of an incredible amount of art and beauty and people who appreciate both. Santa Fe, I am told, is surpassed only by New York city as a center for art in this country. I am always in awe of the ideas I see here and the unique expression of them and how art touches a place in our souls that is untouched by anything else.
We CANNOT let the arts continue to decline in importance in our schools and in this country. Without art, the soul fades for lack of nourishment.
The art does not have to be of this quality, each individual has within them the capacity to create--through words, images, song, clay--whatever medium you choose. Bring it forth, share it or not, but see how your life is enriched...
- mimi


Blogger Don Stabler said...

believe it or not I have my Facebook profile in Santa Fe, although I live in Toronto I'm having a great time there. the people are so warm and friendly. I often read Santa Fe Poetry Broadside. I hope you enjoy it there and I look forward to the blogs you put together there. - Don

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