Friday, August 18, 2006


Digitally altered photo by S. Auberle

In case anyone has wondered about my
whereabouts the last week, I've been
driving across this incredible country
of ours.

Left the great lake on Wednesday last,
crossed the mighty Mississippi at
La Cross, Wisconsin and into Garrison
Keillor country, and dinner with a friend
in a town called Albert Lea, Minnesota.
Then down through the rolling hills of Iowa,
out onto the high, lonely plains country
of Nebraska. Crossed the Missouri on
an old toll bridge right out of the last
century, with a little white booth at
one end of the bridge and a little, white-
haired lady in it, who took my dollar
and wished me a good day.

Spent the night in sandhill crane country,
near the Platte River--(you may have
guessed I love rivers) and onto the high
plains of Colorado and my first view of
the majestic Rockies. No matter how
often I see them, they always take my
breath away. Down past Pike's Peak, and
Pueblo and Trinidad, Colorado, in driving
rain and the fiercest lightning display I've
seen in a long time.

Over Raton Pass in an eerie darkness at
6:00 in the evening, rain still slashing the
windows. But in spite of the weather, a
magnificent drive. I'm still and always
amazed at this great country of ours. Even
driving the interstates (which I usually
avoid) provides spectacular views.

We are truly blessed. Tread lightly, please,
across this mighty land...

- mimi


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