Monday, August 07, 2006


Digitally-enhanced photo by S. Auberle


at the Great Lake today, a day like no other
with all I have loved so fiercely:

the waves hurling themselves
onto my rock, glistening stones

with fossils in them, the wild swans
swirling in rolling crests

a bleached fish skeleton, trees, sand,
wind, feathers, a wet log, shells,

gull shadows, a small green snake,
the blue claw of a crawfish, this body

in it's robes of fear and desire
and the soul shouting listen, listen!

one day you'll be a part of this
and what binds you now,

who makes you weep,
will not even be a memory

but since you ask what will remain
I tell you this: perhaps

a flash of deja vu between strangers
a vague yearning in them for water

their joy in a river of stars,
a rock patttern, the light on a wing

they stop to watch, translucent
as it catches the morning sun

- mimi


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