Tuesday, June 06, 2006


photo by S. Auberle

One more flying post--though planes are not my
favorite form of transportation, I have found
myself getting more okay with them, especially
after dreams like this one. No doubt about it,
definitely a prime contender for my Dream
Academy Awards Oscar:


And serving you in the main cabin will be Cindy and Luke.
The words buzz through the air and I, reclining on a couch
like some Roman empress with wine and grapes at my side,
watch out a small porthole as earth drops away. Oh Cindy,
I call, am I paying extra for this couch? Oh no, ma'am,
she replies, this is economy class, whereupon I settle back,
on the advice of my attendant, Luke, to relax and enjoy
the flight while three priests in Advent vestments begin
playing in their rock band and Papa Was a Rolling Stone
zings through the cabin, the plane bouncing to the beat.
Oops, turbulence, but the band plays on, priestly robes
flashing, the drummer's mitred hat tossed aside, and
though it occurs to me to question my destination,
(have I died?), Luke soothes my fears, neatly slipping
beneath the silken covers of my couch...

honestly, I had only ONE glass of wine before bed.


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