Monday, May 15, 2006


photo/collage by S. Auberle

For some peculiar reason, the blog will not let
me post beneath the picture today, so guess I'll
have to go with that...

"Are my boots old? Is my coat torn? Am
I no longer young, and still not half-perfect?
Let me keep my mind on what matters, which
is my work. Which is mostly standing still
and learning to be astonished."
- Mary Oliver

Don't you think that Eve must have spent a good
deal of time being astonished? In this luscious
time of spring I've been thinking of her, wondering
what her true story is. Not this patriarchal version
we've been given, which mostly portrays her as the
downfall of man. Sorry, but I don't buy that version
anymore. I want to believe that she wrote the
Book of Love, as that old sixties song goes. That
she walked through the garden and fell in love...
with all that she saw--including Adam, of course,
though probably from the beginning she couldn't
figure him out. Nevertheless, she loved him, and she
loved the clear waters, the sky, the stars, birds,
flowers and animals. Yes, even the snakes. I want
to believe she gloried in the exquisite beauty all
around her.

Eve, I think, spent her days like me. Being astonished.

- mimi


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