Sunday, May 07, 2006


Photo by S. Auberle

And again, today, here she is,
on a beautiful spring day
in the little cliffhanger town of
Jerome, Arizona, that haven of
old hippies, artists, poets and
ghosts. Once home to Nellie Bly
and Belgian Jenny, so the stories
go, as well as the current House of Joy
and the once- infamous red light district
called "Husband's Alley."
Wonderful art here, and it's still the
only town I know that you can,
literally, fall out of. It sets on the side
of Mingus Mountain, at an altitude
of about one mile high, and in some
places, only a railing keeps you from
falling over the side. The jail once
slid down the mountain to it's
current resting place. I believe
they've replaced it...


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