Thursday, March 15, 2012


Photo by S. Auberle

She is lean this early spring,
but bold,  black mottled
in her red fur
stepping gingerly
on one leg,
the other three
slender and quick.

We are neighbors,
share the same grassy field,
the benevolent cedar
that shelters her.
Perhaps something in her
remembers an ancestor,
pregnant one deep winter,

starving, and the kindness
shown here by a woman
maybe like me,
who felt compassion,
fed her that long dark time
until the kits were born

in that spirit place we
have in common,
that humans are good
now and then, leaving
an egg, a crust of bread
a bone sticking up
through the snow...

an old poem brought back into the light by the sighting of a fox in my yard...this first published in "Crow Ink"


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