Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Photo/painting by S. Auberle

(a cento)
How did we get to be old ladies--my grandmother's job--
when we were the long-legged girls?
~  Hilma Wolitzer
It's a pickle, this life.
All day the stars watch from long ago.
The brightness of the day
becomes the brightness of night
and I do not regret the passage of time.
Sometimes a moment is a monument--
an old moon, lying akilter

among a few pale stars,
twenty six willows on the banks of a stream
to which the small hum of bees wing.
Everything about you, my life
is both make believe and real,
but the future has arrived

and it is not unbearable.
I almost glimpse what I was born to.
The earth, with others on it, turns in its course.
~  mimi
for those of you unfamiliar with a cento--the word comes from the Latin for "patchwork" and it simply means a poetic form which consists of taking one line from a selection of poems and combining them in a new way.  Only one line per poet is allowed...it is a recognized form, first used by Homer and Virgil, so it's good enough for me!


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