Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Photo by S. Auberle

Blizzard last night and today--at 9:00 a.m. this morning no snowplows yet, not a single vehicle moving. Winds are fierce, up to 50 mph, heavy snow spinning sideways, plastering the windows, turning the east side of the house into a cave. Two seagulls and a crow whirl through the air, and a small, brown bird clings precariously to a feeder. The mind can't comprehend how such a tiny scrap of life can hang on, let alone survive and take in enough food in this wind, without simply blowing away. The Christmas tree is lit, classical music plays. We still have power, many in the county do not. Venison stew sends earthy aromas through the house. A geranium, an orchid and a Christmas cactus bloom brightly in the black and white day. All that was to be today is cancelled. What's left is shelter, warmth and food, and we are ever so grateful.

Very pleased to announce the nomination of my poem--"Crow Ink"--for the 2009 Pushcart Prize. Thanks to the editorial staff of Quill & Parchment on-line journal for the honor. Check out their fine magazine at .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I already left a comment--don't know where it went. Oh well. I just wanted to say, congrats on the honor of pushcart nomination. Your work deserves all the accolates it can get.


8:07 AM  
Blogger Sharon Auberle said...

thanks so much, Jackie...
I would say that your comment is floating out there in cyberspace with ones I've left on yours!

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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