Monday, February 16, 2009


Photo by S. Auberle

For the teaching of patience, which many of us need in this alarmingly fast paced world, there is no greater teacher than an orchid. A friend gave me this plant a while back, and it already had buds on it. I settled it into a sunny, south window and anticipated beautiful blooms any day. That was several months ago, and I'm still anticipating, though it now has seven buds on it! For those who care, its name is Phal Sogo Yukidian 'V3'. In spite of its name, I've no doubt, it will be lovely. Someday...

If I keep a green bough
in my heart,
a singing bird will come.
- Chinese proverb


Blogger Donna said...

Perhaps the third time is a charm as this is my third attempt to leave you a comment dear one. The orchid photo is great. I will keep watching for it as I know it is good hands.


11:22 AM  

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