Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Photo by S. Auberle

The thermometer seems to be stuck these days, actually all of January, seems like, at eight below zero. But, thankfully, the sun continues to shine and in the afternoon, light streaming in south windows can almost make you think of Spring.

Such weather calls, of course, for comfort food, so I'm cooking up a big pot of red beans and rice which immediately takes me back to the year I spent in Cajun country. Talk about food! Those folks know how to cook (and eat) (and drink), believe you me. New Iberia, Hendersonville, Lafayette, Breaux Bridge--even though you're in Louisiana, in the USA, it's like another country. The Cajun French/English is beautiful, though not always understandable; the country is astonishing in its wildness and oh yes, back to the food...words simply fail me. But then there's the weather--hot, humid and lots of rain. Winter and early spring are lovely, but I remember a weekend spent in New Orleans (which is not actually in Cajun land, but right next door). It rained 12" that weekend! I also remember seeing photos in the newspaper (though I did NOT see this myself) of a large snake hanging from a street sign after one particulary large deluge. Had I observed it myself, you would not have seen the dust (if there were any) of my leaving that place.

Nevertheless, it is a wondrous and beautiful land. The other scene I vividly remember is sunset on Avery Island--a bird sanctuary--and the sky, in every direction, filled with large birds--egrets, herons, cranes, storks, pelicans--winging in to roost for the night. Unforgettable...


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