Friday, December 07, 2007


My women's group--At the Well--who keep me sane, or go (in)sane with me have come up with a great idea for those of you who might be, at this point in time, Christmas Shopping Challenged. If you have a group of people to buy for, why not have a Trash/Treasure party as we did. Everyone simply brings a variety of jewelry, clothing, tchotchkes, books, CD's, etc. that you no longer need, like, or use, and shop! It's an excellent form of recycling, economical and you would be amazed how perfectly your things fit someone else.
Then, of course, you must be fortified for all this strenuous shopping, so everyone brings food, wine, sweets, etc. Does it get any better than this???
The wind is howling, rain coming down in sheets, fog, sleet, but Christmas cheer is definitely in the air. And I got some really cool stuff. (No, I did NOT get the cow slippers.) But remember:
one woman's trash is another woman's treasure!
- mimi


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