Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Collage by S. Auberle
is that I am here
because many years ago
or was it yesterday
two ancient angels
looked down
or up, as the case may be
we really don't know
and saw a full moon
a warm June evening
a long-legged man
and a green-eyed woman.
The angels nodded and said
yes, this could work
picked up their dusty robes
and went searching
through the cosmic closet
for spare notes
unused by Mozart
a color or two abandoned by Monet
Whitman's discarded words
a few leftover snowflakes
a rolling green wave
a bird's wing and three glittery rocks.
They threw this odd combination
into a magic cauldron
stirred for nine months
and out tumbled me
an unlikely mix, confused
and searching for love
when all I really need to know
is that I am still here
on this day of shining sun and snow
desire coursing in my blood
groping my way through Paradise.
- mimi


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