Friday, December 15, 2006


All photos by S. Auberle

Though I live in the mountains of this great state, and wouldn't have it any other way, there are untold wonders to explore in this amazing, wild state of Arizona.

Up in the high desert land of the Navajo Nation, lonely hogans dot the landscape beside ruins where ancient peoples once dwelled. Today you can find women in their colorful velvet blouses and skirts herding their sheep among the red rocks. You will be entranced by the faces of the little grandmothers, the history and weather of their homeland etched in brown, wrinkled faces. The black-eyed, round-faced babies will simply melt your heart.

The Hopi mesas, with their ancient villages , haunt you ever after if you're lucky enough to attend one of their ceremonial dances and the Kachinas will dance through your dreams.

The Grand Canyon cannot be described in words. You must visit it, stand on the edge of eons of geological history layered before your eyes, breathe in the whistling wind and laugh at the antics of ravens clowning in the updrafts. If you are truly blessed, you may hear the whisper of giant wings above you--the magnificent California Condor. Breathe. Pray. Relax. Know you are part of it all.

Sedona will enchant you, with it's vortexes of mystery and magic, it's red castle-rocks surrounding you. Where people come to shop, be healed, be enchanted...

It is said that this state contains all of the climate zones--from Alpine tundra to desert and all in between. And though I could never live in the heat of the desert, it is absolutely exquisite in its Zen-like beauty. The giant saguaro sentinels stand guard over all. Sunsets and stars and the smell of sage and creosote bushes after a rain will astound you.

Do I exaggerate? Come see for yourself... and Christmas in this amazing state may be the best of all...

- Imagine Peace,


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