Saturday, December 09, 2006


Digitally altered photo by S. Auberle

Though this is not the season for forest fires, it may be the season for change. Which is, of course, what fire is about. Burn away the old, make way for the new. The old year is going fast. Too fast, both for comfort's sake and for all we need to accomplish. But just maybe, at this time of year, we can set accomplishments aside. Set aside the usually frantic pace of life that we carry on all year, to make way for a quieter way of living. (Yes, after we have finally declared that we are ready for Christmas.) Then, perhaps, a change--a softer moment or two, in the midst of all the holiday frenzy. A moment when we stop and look up at the brilliance of winter stars, dazzling in the dark of the moon. A moment when we stop and listen to the silence of falling the small voice of a child or an elderly person living alone. A moment when we hear the words of a loved one whispering things we haven't heard in too long. Just get off the merry-go-round...for a moment...change...
- mimi


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