Sunday, October 22, 2006


Photo by S. Auberle

From the back of my Celestial Seasonings tea box:
"Add Joy to your Daily Life"

1) Pay as much attention to the things that are working positively in your life as you do to those that are giving you trouble.

2) Rake a big pile of leaves every fall and jump in it with someone you love.

3) Memorize your favorite poem.

4) Learn three knock-knock jokes so you will always be ready to entertain children.

5) Don't let weeds grow around your dreams.

6) Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something, and has lost something.

7) Regardless of the situation, react with class.

8) Let some things remain mysterious.

- H Jackson Brown, Jr. Life's Little Instruction Book


Now if that was too sappy, Hallmarky, etc., how about these two?

"If you win the rat race, you're still a rat."

- Anna Quindlen, A Short Guide to a Happy Life


And lastly, in keeping with the season, a joke from that old Zen master himself--Willie Nelson:

"A skeleton walks into a bar and says 'give me a beer and a mop.'"

- The Tao of Willie

The last may require a moment or two, so I'll leave you with that...

- mimi


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