Monday, October 02, 2006


Photo by S. Auberle


Have a nice, good day
the young man says to me, solemnly,
twice--like some primitive incantation

and I wish him the same
as he tosses flame-colored hair
out of his eyes and bags my groceries

then pauses to bury his face
in the bronze chrysanthemum
I've bought to color this dark autumn day.

His world is, apparently, not mine,
yet who is to say who is more blessed?
What's important to him is to connect

with the shoppers and me and the flower,
held so passionately, for a moment,
that its petals are bruised with loving.

Outside there is now almost unbearable light.

- mimi


Blogger _Soulless_ said...

Hullo, Mimi. My first time here (I clicked your link in Ralph's poetry blog), and I have been taking the pleasure of reading your works. The time has certainly been well spent. I have especially enjoyed "Life and Death at the Sunday Morning Farmer's Market," "Sunflower Philosophy," and "Sonnet I." (And may I make special mention of the post entitled "The Dress," and declare that, uh-huh, I understand. Vigorously. Heehee.)

Your poetry, in itself, is what the title of the present piece says: a "blessing." Thank you for allowing others to dwell on it. Cheers. ^_^

10:48 AM  
Blogger Sharon Auberle said...


thank you for the good words. may I say that your poetry is exquisite...and I think i'll place "The Glass" by my computer for those days when I'm feeling existentially challenged.

- mimi

11:17 AM  

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