Thursday, September 21, 2006


Photo by S. Auberle


There are houses on our street
so perfectly manicured
that I hesitate to walk too near,
fearing some errant seed on my shoe
might find fertile ground there,
take root and spread
it's unbridled joy and brightness
among those timid flowers who
must bloom in only the perfect spot,
who must not converse
with weeds and other wild things,
who will never know the flagrant
yellow of sassy sunflowers
massing themselves in our yard
having arrived unknown to us
in the rich earth we spread,
along with the tangled web
of a vine that is impossible
to subdue, whose roots surely
must reach to China,
proving once again, as my
philosopher-love points out:
in this life you gotta take
the bad with the good...

- mimi


Blogger Ralph Murre said...

Conversing with weeds.
Here's one now.
Wild fruit from wild seeds.
Not completely tame, anyhow.

- R.

2:26 PM  
Blogger Sharon Auberle said...

coyote, elk, sunflowers and swans,
where would we be without wild???

thanks for the poem!

6:16 PM  

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