Monday, April 17, 2006


Photo by S. Auberle

I've returned from my sabbatical, probably
knowing less about the world than when I
left, but dazzled, oh so dazzled, by it's beauty.

We go away, sometimes, to find ourselves.
Find what is missing in our lives, what needs
work, attention, new breath. Maybe we go
away to try to fix things, make them better.
Perhaps we think we'll gain a new perspective
in a different place. And sometimes we do.

But other times it's best to drop all that and simply
be. I'm known for my fondness and need to
have be time. Time to lose myself in rain-washed
sunsets and tulips, listening to a loon's call out
in the cove. Watching for the pair of eagles
overhead. Imagining the great gray whales
somewhere out there, and thinking of their songs.
Being mesmerized by the peacock's "eyes."

On this trip none of my problems or the world's
got fixed.

But both my soul and I travel more lightly...

- mimi


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