Thursday, April 06, 2006


Abert's Squirrel - photo by S. Auberle

I was without internet service the past twenty four hours
and was positively squirrely! And how frightening is that?
Oh well, probably no more frightening than this article
from the local newspaper: (my title)


Despite a recent movie to the contrary, there is reason
to believe the macho Wild West lives on, in this case
demonstrated by a member of the female persuasion.

From the pages of the ever-shining Arizona Daily Sun:
Officers responded to Crazy Bill's Bar & Restaurant,
3130 E. Rt. 66, to find a victim suffering from a wound
to his head. Officers also noticed that the victim's truck
in the parking lot had been badly damaged. Witnesses
told officers that the victim's girlfriend had rammed her
van into the truck several times before leaving.

While I am certainly not making light of assault, I have to
confess to a certain amount of amusement in this
incident. Let's face it, friends, in a lifetime relationship, or
a lifetime of relationships, haven't there been moments...

All you readers who live in more civilized parts of the
country, I see you nodding ever so slightly.

The victim told officers that he and his girlfriend were
having trouble with their relationship, when she came
in and hit him with a beer bottle. He told officers he
considered their relationship now over.

And that's all folks--no guilt, no angst, no lengthy
and painful counseling. No agonizing, endless
conversations, speculations, possible compromises,
etc., etc. Just--done.

Hello, Simon & Garfunkel?


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