Thursday, March 02, 2006

Prayer for Village Earth

- photo by S. Auberle

In this time of drought, global warming,
catastrophic winds and floods, every small
prayer helps...

O Mother Earth, we pray today to link our spirits
to all those brothers and sisters with whom we
share this web of life. We will not take from you
lightly, nor do harm. We will respect those creatures
with whom we share this sacred place.

Wolf, Hawk, Snake and Bear, we honor you. Bless
us please, you Flying People, Crawling People,
the Swimmers, Plant and and Tree People, and
all our four-legged brothers and sisters.

Father Sun, we beseech you to shine down
your love and light upon us.

Sister Rain and Brother Wind, walk softly here,
for we are small beneath your mighty power.

Sister Moon, shine gently as you guide us into
dreamtime, and when you journey across the
world, send your stars to light our way home.

O Mother Earth, accept our prayer, bless us
with your energy and healing. Help us remember
that we are connected to all who share your sacred
web of life--past, present and future, that in
divinity and grace, we may exist as one...

(previously printed in WomanPrayers and Common Ground)

- mimi


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