Friday, March 10, 2006

Captain's Soup

Watercolor by S. Auberle

I'm pleased to present a new recipe from Mimi's Cafe:
an original creation by friend, poet, artist, philosopher
and chef, Ralph Murre...
(aka Captain Arem)


(1) butternut squash, medium (butterNUT, not buttercup,
acorn, hubbard or anything else!)
1/2 of a large white onion
only about 1 clove of garlic (sorry)
lots of celery (like most of a stalk)
lots of hot Madras curry powder
lots of ground coriander
chicken broth (veg. types could try vegetable broth, what the hell)
white wine
a very little bit of tomato paste

*NOTE: This recipe may sound imprecise, but if it calls for lots of
something, that's just what it means: LOTS. More than you think.

Cook the bejabbers out of all those ingredients, then allow the
whole mess to cool overnight.

The next day--cold and overcast, but you know spring is on its way.

Puree everything in a blender and begin to heat, gently stirring in a
can of unsweetened coconut cream. Bring it up to serving temperature,
but DO NOT boil. Garnish with something bright green (or red, or both.)

This is a pretty rich soup, so will feed a small crowd. It will go nicely with
most Middle-Eastern entrees.

Bon Appetit!

- mimi


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