Monday, January 10, 2011


Print by S. Auberle
Tucson, Arizona--
Christina, age nine,
born on 9/11,
who loved ballet and baseball,
gunned down
by a madman...
fear shivers through me
that the world has come to this.
Fear implores me
to do something, so never
does it happen again.
Fear reminds me (as if
I could forget)
of my grandchildren,
twin boys born that year
just three weeks after.
They love baseball,
run like the wind,
create mischief
wherever they go.
When they ask me
for answers, I say love,
just love...
and put Spiderman bandaids
on skinned knees,
dry their tears,
and hold them tightly,
as long as they allow.
~ Sharon Auberle


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