Friday, August 14, 2009


Digitally altered photo by S. Auberle
His faultless body towers over the crowd,
blinding white, naked.
David, whispers the guide,
lost in his daily rapture...
see this, this angle is my favorite,
look at the veins in his arms, the muscles...
a woman tells us how Michaelangelo said
that David was already there,
in that pure block of stone,
simply waiting to be released...
Suddenly, noisy throngs disappear
and I'm alone, mesmerized
by this tall, marble man,
just David and me now,
his muscled arms lifting, beckoning,
my own reaching, answering his,
until a voice whispers
come back, come back
wherever you are,
and breathless, I return to earth,
your warm, encircling arms,
the floor, again cold, beneath me.
~ mimi


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