Friday, October 24, 2008


Photo by S. Auberle
Today in the orchard
there is a red tractor,
old wooden box
hitched on the sled behind.
It stands alone, waiting
among twisted trees
bent with harvest to the ground.
A woman walks the paths between,
her worn coat sky-blue
in the gray morning sunrise.
An apple-pouch weights her neck
and she stops to tuck dark strands
of hair beneath a turquoise scarf.
Her skin is the color of caramel,
warm as her southern home,
but in this place she sees
only clouds, low hanging and chill,
and her bright colors can't hold
enough remembered sky.
Thin arms reach toward it
as she climbs a ladder,
plucks apples, makes prayers,
maybe, and the unburdened trees
stand taller as she passes,
rain now shining the apples,
sewing the blue coat
to her trembling back.
- mimi


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